(2)Embryonic Rift
Map ID: #5136

Author: sTY_leZerG-eX
Map Size: 128*96
Tileset: Twilight
Last Updated: 2021, 03, 30 22:10

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Hey guys

Had this concept pop into my head so..

About the map:

All bases have reduced minerals and gas except for Mains, Nats, and both mineral onlys.

This is still in beta stage in order to make edits/changes simpler
Interesting concept, with the three separate paths and temples it is very reminiscent of Hitchhiker.

I think your core problem is that the map is just too small for what you are trying to achieve here. A size of at least 128x112 seems more appropriate here and would allow you to gain the additional space to address several more specific issues:

  • Insufficient spacing between the peripheral expos allows tanks to reach several geysers and mineral patches from adjacent expansion sites
  • Mains are pityfully small
  • And just in general spacing seems off and weird tank angles prevalent.
  • Everything seems to be narrow paths with little to no flanking spaces.
  • 18 expansions is a shitload (official nomenclature!). Even Gladiator only has 17.

The middle will probably get locked down by a Terran, which in this case might not matter that much because of al the backdoor expansions. Gameplay will be seriously weird anyway. No idea about balance. I'd probably give the advantage to Terran just because of how easy it seems to just push siege lines and take expansions behind.
Why are there only 8 main minerals?

And this again.
Hey, what happened here? Why are like 200 maps missing from the database?!!!??!